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Cloud Development

We develop custom made software for the Cloud based on elastic and redundant servers.
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Integration with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Windows Azure

We develop custom made software that can be installed on modern cloud servers in Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Windows Azure.
Our software can run on Linux or Windows based servers.
The use of cloud servers allows the use of top servers at a low cost.

Redundant servers

Our software is developed to be used in redundant servers.
It can be installed on data centers based on different places or different countries so that in case of failure your application is always on.

Elastic servers

Our software is developed to be scalable and ca be used on elastic servers on the cloud.
So we the users increase the number of servers increase, so that your application is always responsive.
When the users decrease the number of servers reduces lowering costs.

Cloud data security

We use digital certificates and encripted communications (SSL) to warranty data and communication privacy.

Backup And Storage

Cloud servers have several solutions for backup and storage of data.
Data redundancy allows easy data recovery in case of failure.

No IT support costs

With cloud servers you don't have fixed hardware costs and no need for IT support costs.

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